Tutorial Video

Check out the following video for detailed instructions on how to use EasePoultry

How to Use Documentation

Click on Settings and then on Conversion Settings to change the conversion factors like 1 Bag of feed is equal to how many Kgs (default 50 Kgs) and 1 Tray of egg contains how many eggs (default 30 eggs).

Add New Flock
Click on Manage Flocks and then on Add New Flock to add a new flock in farm.
Suppose you have purchased a flock of 10000 Birds of Skylark breed and delivered to you on 1-Jan-2018. Age of chicks on delivery date was 4 days. Then use the following example entry.
  1. Flock Name: Flock 5. Generally, these are flock numbers like Flock 1, Flock 2 etc.
  2. Breed Name: Skylark
  3. Flock Start Date: 01-Jan-2018
  4. Flock Start Age: 4. Age on Flock Start Date.
  5. Opening Birds: 10000
  6. Shed No: 2. There can be multiple sheds in farm. Use any number which suits your farm structure. There can be multiple shed numbers like 2,5 if bird is present in two sheds.
In another scenario Suppose you want to maintain farm data on EasePoultry from 1-Feb-2019 and you have a flock of 9997 birds of Webcock breed in your farm which is of age 225 days on 1-Feb-2019 then use the following example entry.
  1. Flock Name: Flock 2
  2. Breed Name: Webcock
  3. Flock Start Date: 01-Feb-2019
  4. Flock Start Age: 225. Age on Flock Start Date.
  5. Opening Birds: 9997
  6. Shed No: 1
Repeat the above process for as many flocks as present in your farm which you want to maintain on EasePoultry.

Flock Entries
Suppose on date 2-Feb-2019 of Flock 1, 7 Birds died, 200 Trays were produced, 20 Bags of feed were consumed, 2 birds sold, and after counting birds in farm 5 birds were short. Then use following example entry.
Click on Flock Entries, then on name of Flock e.g. Flock 1 and click on Add Entry.
Then select date 2-Feb-2019 and click Submit.
Enter the following Data:
  1. Mortality: 7
  2. Trays: 200
  3. Feed Bags: 20
  4. Birds Sold: 2
  5. Counting Error: -5
  6. Remarks:
To edit a flock entry instead of clicking on 'Add Entry' click on the 'Date' on which you want to edit entry.
Similarly add entries of all the dates of Flock.

Daily Entries
In Daily Entries section you can Add/Update Flock Entries of all the Flocks present in the Farm on a Particular Date. Data of all the Flocks can be entered on a single page. Suppose you have two active Flocks (Flock 1 and Flock 2) in Farm on 1-Mar-2019. Then after selecting this date in Daily Entries section there will be two Flocks visible where you can add or edit entries for both Flock 1 and Flock 2.

Initialize Egg Register
Egg Register section contains all the data related to Egg Stock present in Farm. To initialize Egg Register, click on Settings and then on Egg Register Settings. Suppose you want to maintain Egg Register data from 1-Feb-2019. On the morning of this date there were 500 Trays present in Stock. Then fill 1-Feb-2019 in 'Egg Register Start Date' and 500 in 'Opening Stock (Trays)' and click save.
**Remember you must choose 'Egg Register Start Date' very carefully as the Closing Egg Stock will be calculated with the following formula:

Opening Stock(Trays) + Production of Trays from all the Flocks in Farm on this date - Breakage(Trays) - Trays Sold

As you can see Production from all the flocks is added Automatically, You must have data of all the Flocks present in farm from this date (Egg Register Start Date) onwards to properly maintain Egg Stock Register.

Egg Register
Click on Egg Register and you will see Egg Stock Register. You can click on the 'Date' or 'Add Entry' to enter egg sale data. Suppose on 1-Feb-2019, 10000 Trays were sold and 90 Trays were removed as breakage. Then enter 10000 in 'Trays Sold' field and 90 in 'Breakage' Field.
Total Production Column contains total production of all the Flocks on particular date. To check Flock wise production of that date, click on total production value (in blue color). You can see list of all the flocks and production of each flock.

Active/Inactive Flock
A flock should be inactivated when all the birds are sold and closing birds become 0. To Inactivate a Flock, go to Manage Flocks and click on Edit Existing Flocks. A link to inactivate flock will be generated only when Closing Birds become 0. This is required to properly manage age calculations. Inactive flock will not be shown in Daily Entries section and link to edit entries will be removed to prevent accidental entry update. You can activate flock anytime again in same section if required to edit entries.

Tabular Reports
Click on Tabular Report. This section contains List of all the Flocks along with the following information.
  1. #: Serial No
  2. Flock Name: Name of Flock
  3. Breed Name: Breed of Flock
  4. Age Old: Age on current date if the flock is active or Age on last date on which all the birds were sold of inactive flock.
  5. Opening Birds: Number of birds when the Flock entered in Farm or on the Start Date of Flock.
  6. Mortality: Total no of Birds Died.
  7. Mortality %: Percentage of Birds Died till current date.
  8. Total Trays: Total no of Trays produced by flock.
  9. Total Feed (Kgs): Total quantity of feed consumed by flock in Kilograms till now.
  10. Feed Per Egg (Gms): Total Feed Consumed (in Grams)/Total Eggs Produced
  11. Closing Birds: No of Birds remaining on current date
  12. Shed No: Shed no of flock
  13. Status: if Flock is Active or Inactive
Click on 'Name of Flock' of which you want to see Detailed Date Wise Report. Following information will be present in detailed report.
  1. #: Serial No
  2. Entry Date: Date of daily entry of flock.
  3. Age (Days): Age of flock in days on Entry Date. Small number along with age will appear after seven days. It shows age in Weeks
  4. Op. Birds: Opening Birds Number of birds in the starting of the day.
  5. Mort.: Mortality Number of birds died on Entry Date.
  6. Birds Sold: Number of birds sold on Entry Date.
  7. Cl. Birds: Closing Birds Number of birds remaining at the end of Entry Date.
  8. Cum. Mort.: Cumulative Mortality Total no of birds died from the start till Entry Date.
  9. Cum. Mort. %: Cumulative Mortality % Percentage of birds died from the start till Entry Date.
  10. Prod. (Trays): Production Number of trays produced on Entry Date.
  11. Prod. %: Production Percentage Total No of Eggs Produced * 100 / Closing Birds
  12. Cur. HHP: Current Hen House Production No of Eggs laid on Entry Date / No of Birds housed at the beginning of laying period (Opening Birds when age is 127 days)
  13. Cum. HHP: Cumulative Hen House Production Total no of Eggs Laid / No of Birds housed at the beginning of laying period (Opening Birds when age is 127 days).
  14. Cur. Feed (Kgs): Current Feed Feed consumed by whole flock on Entry Date in Kilograms.
  15. Cur. Feed/Bird (gms): Current Feed per Bird Feed consumed by 1 bird on Entry Date in Grams.
  16. Cur. Feed/Egg (gms): Current Feed per Egg Feed consumed by flock in Grams / No of Eggs produced by flock
  17. Cum Feed/Egg (gms): Cumulative Feed per Egg Total feed consumed by flock till Entry Date in Grams / Total no of Eggs produced by flock till Entry Date.
  18. Count Error: Counting error in no of birds if any.
  19. Remarks: Any reminder can be here like vaccination started.

Graphical Reports
Click on Graphical Report. This section contains List of all the Flocks along with two Graphs.
'Active Birds in Farm' graph represent total number of birds active in farm on current date. It shows the capacity of farm.
'Type of Birds Active' shows that how many birds of following types are present in farm.
  1. Chicks: Age below 50 days
  2. Grower: Age 50 to 126 days
  3. Layer: Age 127 to 504 days
  4. Old-Birds: Age Above 504 days
Click on 'Name of Flock' of which you want to see Detailed Graphical Report. The detailed graphical report of flock has Cumulative Mortality Percentage, Production Percentage and Feed per Bird in grams.

Weekly Reports
Weekly report contains average of 7 days data of tabular report. This report is helpful in analysing data more accurately as sometimes it is hard to get accurate data daily.

Compare Flocks
You can use this section to compare two flocks graphically on the basis of Cumulative Mortality Percentage, Production Percentage and Feed per Bird in grams. It is very important to check which breed of flock is performing better in your environment to maximize profits.